• lion02
In 2010 Southafrica is on a global focus because of the football world championship which is taken place at the african cape. Alongside Southafrica is seen as a role model for many other countries. But beside the euphoric atmosphere the country has a major problem which paralyses huge parts of the society and the daily life: HIV/Aids.
The Southafrican HIV rate is one of the highest on the earth. And one can find the roots for the alarming outspread of the disease in the Apartheid time and the difficult social change after. „The Lion Escaped“ shows people in the fight against Aids in different cities and rural areas in Southafrica: politicians, exponents of the churches, intellectuals; NGO workers, traditional healers and with Aids concerned people.
Documentary. 90min. South Africa
Director: Peter Waldenberger
Cinematography: Enzo Brandner
Additional Camera: Joseph Gulyasz,
Harald Hund
Production: Name*it/Austria, 2010