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  • socialismo

A film about a potent female agitator, staunch machos and Caribbean love life.

A portrait of Monika Krause, citizen of former East Germany, who became a sensation in Cuba as the country’s state sex educator.Soon after the Cuban revolution, 20-year-old student Monika Krause falls in love with Jesús Jiménez, a Cuban captain who has come to Rostock to pick up amerchant ship. The two marry after a whirlwind romance and Monika sails back to Cuba with him. She soon starts to mix in the highest circles of the revolution and is tasked by Fidel Castro’s sister-in-law with the introduction of a sex education programme spanning the country.In this land of deeply rooted machismo, the emancipated German fights for the right of women to sexual gratification, contraception and abortion. As ataboo-breaker, she becomes known overnight throughout the land as the «Reina del Condón» – the Queen of the Condom, and is loved and adored, hated and feared inequal measure. Monika’s husband, Jesús, finds it increasingly hard to come to termswith his wife’s activities, and the marriage breaks down. When, in the mid-1980s, Monika Krause defies a ban on public speaking and starts campaigning against thewholesale marginalisation of homosexuals, she increasingly comes into conflict with the regime. Following the fall of the Berlin Wall, she flees Cuba with her twosons and returns to Germany. Fifteen years later, her two sons and former husband seek to trace her movements in the island: does Cuba still remember its Reina del Condón?

90min documentary
shot in CUBA and GERMANY
Directed by: Silvana Ceschi, Reto Stamm
Production: Dschoint Ventschr, 2006
world opening at filmfestival locarno-switzerland, august 2007